It’s been exactly a month since I said “I do” to Tony. People have been asking me if married life feels different or if it has been an adjustment. I always felt bad answer, “no.” I started thinking why is it that I don’t feel different now that I’m Tony’s wife…Is there something missing in our relationship…Did we fall out of the honeymoon stage that fast… But slowly I’m realizing that I don’t feel that different (other than not living with my parents anymore) because Tony and I never treated each other differently because of our relationship status. We dated for marriage, and we married for life-long partnership. I’m sure the pet peeves will surface as we tread through year 1.

Back to the original purpose of this post. Honeymoon/Family-moon in Hawaii was a lot of fun and too short. We ate well and played hard. We had a lot of our firsts (now keep your mind straight). We went parasailing and snorkeling. Ate a lot of poke and acai bowls. Drank way too much coffee. Forgot to reapply sunscreen. Overall it was a relaxing trip just the way we planned it. Enjoy this video of our trip!


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