Photo Booth

Got these photo booth pictures on our Honeymoon, but didn’t get to look through them until now. I’m so glad that we requested Alex from Fotographia to add a second photo booth outside. As the wedding day was approaching, I was excited about the 80 degrees weather we were going to get. It’s Seattle, so it always rains on Memorial Day weekend. We were blessed by God to have the hottest Memorial Day weekend in 20 years! So when I knew that we would have a gorgeous day on that beautiful golf course, I knew people would be taking tons of pictures of the view. Let’s be real…it’s an Asian wedding. Selfie selfie selfie! The last minute photo booth captured the stunning view and our guests were able to take a copy of the pictures home with them. Since the wedding day for the Bride and Groom is a completely different experience from the guests, we had no idea if any of the details we planned meant anything to anyone. From the pictures I got, it looked like the last minute add-on and the extra money for the photo booth was well worth it. Look through the PHOTOS and find yours…


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